How to Win Child Custody 

Comprehensive proven techniques, strategies & preparations that actually work to win both

sole physical & sole legal custody

Are you a father or parent facing a custody dispute? This comprehensive guide teach you yo greatly improve your chances of success, better prepare you to provide you a much better advantage and show you how to  convince the courts you are the better parental choice. This is based upon tested & proven strategies how win child custody. This is not like most other resources that are based upon theory, opinion, watching other’s failures or someone who never actually won custody themselves.  These tested techniques successfully earned a father sole physical & sole legal custody of a small child from an equally matched parent, this certainly will help you. Whether the opposing parent has treated you with contempt, has used your child against you (or threatened to do so), does things not in a child’s best interest, or even if you can’t find a lot very bad about that parent – this will help you win. While this is written in the perspective for fathers, these instructions work for any parent deserving of custody. You will learn where to start, essentials to be gained as early as possible, important tactics & strategy, what to do (and not do), what to look out for, how to prepare, and what to use & how to present your side in the most compelling way to win custody. You will be shown what’s critically important to the courts (and the support systems) and how to present your case in the best possible light. This is one realm where knowledge is power and the unprepared will lose.  Only you know the weaknesses and issues of the other parent so it’s up to you to learn how to capitalize appropriate information to arm your attorney with ammunition that really matters and to face evaluations with relevant persuasiveness
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These instructions will give you a huge advantage. You’ll be shown what matters more to evaluators and courts and how to use it to your advantage. These factors heavily determine the more appropriate parent. Without knowing these essentials, you are in the dark about preparation.
You will learn how to quickly capitalize on the issues that matters to the ‘system’ that otherwise may never get revealed. Once properly armed, it can be overwhelming to defend against.
These factors are coupled with approximately 140 example violation ideas you can use against the opposing parent. An unknowing or arrogant parent who does what they feel or thinks they will easily win, will be taken totally by surprise in the end.

Don’t spend the rest of your life with regret you lost & didn’t

take advantage of learning what you should have done.

Covered are aspects you absolutely need to know well before you enter the court arena to prepare for what is in essence a battle based upon many factors.  The sooner you prepare, the better your advantage and chances. If you are not aware of what’s crucially important, what to look for, how to capitalize on & successfully present your case; prayers likely won’t even help. The court system can be unfair, typically is in a hurry to gloss over most everything and barely touches on all the relevant details; so you better know how to use everything to your advantage & better your odds.

Great Value - This cost

you only 5-10 minutes

in attorney fees

By time you enter an attorney’s office, shake hands and exchange pleasantries; you’ll have already paid for this. This is a lot more information & help to win custody than any attorney can teach you at this price.
• 10 things you need to do first. • how to turn tide if your are losing. • gain the upper hand & tactics against the opposing parent. • turn defeats into wins. • how to handle a threatening & difficult spouse • know what the deciding factors s use to determine who wins. • How to win against a sneaky cunning spouse who is mean & threatening in private. • prepares you for any evaluation & subsequent hearings. • know what mistakes not to make. • what to do early on that greatly advantages your position. • leverage things against her that you thought trivial or might not know is relative. • learn what ammunition to use & use what’s effective that you don’t know is important. • present your case & ammunition to advantage yourself with maximum impact. • organize & promote your side in the best light. • preparing you for evaluations & interviews. • how to plan your strategies. • strategies for court & hearings
• Covers all court’s guidelines to determine custody. • adequately defend against accusations & how to take the offensive. • win the psychological warfare. • understand that your attorney is only half the equation. • how to tremendously help an attorney win. • what ammunition to give your attorney. • how to save money with your attorney. • how to challenge her accusations successfully? • how to handle yourself in evaluations? • should you go through courts or mediation, merits & drawbacks of both. • how to become and appear to be the better parent & the better alternative. • get out of spinning your wheels if you find yourself constantly defending yourself against accusations &  attacks, and from losing or looking bad. • effectively crush her psychologically or make her screw up & give you even more ammunition. • how to challenge a bad evaluation. • dumping a lazy or bad attorney. • 140 example violations to use you haven’t considered.

   Some sample topics covered, plus a lot more:

Learn to take advantage of ammunition the other parent unknowingly offers you

Against a very well prepared and knowledgeable parent; the usually naive or arrogant over-confident parent will be caught off-guard having made errors in judgment and actions that are critically important for custody determination. You will learn what to look for and how to capitalize on things that are paramount. In a tactical war against two closely matched parents, certainly the one who knows the specific rules & information vital to custody determination is generally the tougher to win against when proper preparation has been achieved.

Don’t expect an attorney to know these strategies

You pay an attorney to represent you in the court hearings.  But what prepares the foundation behind the scenes leading to it that can greatly increase your chances? An already busy overloaded attorney who's mind set is on court procedures - is NOT the best place to look for the answers to questions you don't even know to ask.  Attorneys are only tools within the court to effectively work against your opponent's attorney and help reveal your facts to a judge.   What you provide to your attorney is your responsibility. If you can't provide the proper ammunition a lawyer needs to persuade any court in your favor, it won't even matter if you have the best attorney in the world. You can’t hope to succeed by providing an attorney with too little to go on, or a weak case to base an adequate defense or failing to provide the right keys for a good offense, (in addition to being hit with accusations & charges you didn't even see coming and now can’t defend against). Presenting a well thought out and persuasive case reflects equally upon how much thought you will put into raising a child and how important and prepared you will be for any situation involving upbringing.

The key is knowing what to use, preparation, and how to present it.

In order to provide the best possible chance, it is up to you to build your case and gain advantages early on.  Don't blindly leave the rest of your life (and your child's) solely in the hands of essentially an unknown attorney.  Most don't know what to do and where to start first.  Knowing what facts to capitalize on against the other parent & what tools to give your attorney determines your outcome.  You’ll be shown what to look for and what to use that you normally wouldn't think of, or didn’t think would be important enough to make any difference.  You'll be surprised how effective this can be. You'll learn what to use that really makes a difference to the courts, psychologists, and anyone evaluating your case which they can't overlook if you know how to properly present yourself and the facts.

Learn what to expect in an evaluation and interview

Be aware that your attorney will be of little help to prepare you for a potential psychological evaluation process (which provides its recommendation to the courts that will make or break your chances). You are on your own for this. If you walk into this without preparation and fail, don't say I didn't warn you. I’ll tell you from actual experience what it’s like, what to expect, preparations, and what to do if it potentially goes wrong. This will be the best small investment with the greatest impact on you and your child's life and future together. Don't take the chance of walking into this cut-throat battle with your opponent fully prepared with facts, details, damaging accusations, and a well laid-out case against you; and you with little more than you or your attorney asking for consideration! Don't make the common mistake of pleading before an evaluating judge or psychologist that the other parent isn't the better choice, with little more than your word or accusations! If you know & feel in your heart you are the better choice, then preparation & knowledge is power in the arena of custody battles. If you blindly walk into court unprepared to present why you are the better parent and respond with a couple complaints or "I want it", or "she's a mean person"; expect to lose. An opposing attorney is intent upon tearing you apart to make you look bad. Y must know how to plan against this attack. You should lay the foundation and demonstrate as soon as possible how to mount a comprehensive & methodical offensive with a convincing viable presentation. This instructional guide of nearly 300 pages will be the best small investment you can make in your child’s life. With attorney's fees perhaps in the hundred dollar per hour range or more for advice that isn't detailed or as helpful, this is priced far less and you get a whole lot more.

Instant download for $49.00

Compare the several hundred dollars an hour fees an attorney will charge you and they will never be able to provide you this information or advantage for this small price. Is your child worth the a tank of gas or a dinner out, an article of clothing? If you lose custody, you may spend the rest of your life regretting it.

Can you afford a dinner out that lasts an hour, then why risk losing custody for life?


If there’s the slightest chance you could lose custody,

avoid regretting that you didn’t try everything possible.

If you ‘re offered  custody of your child for $49, would it be worth it?  What have you got to lose.
Encountering an abusive parent playing games to spite & anger you?  This also teaches how to deal with & counter psychological warfare, and to leverage such warfare for a winning advantage Main Image