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Where is the download?

 The download is presented to you upon a successful purchase.  You will be automatically receive an email with the link for your download page. You will also be transfered to the download page a through a  managed delivery service that contains the link for down loading.

What payments are accepted?

 All  types of credit cards payments are accepted as  including PayPal. You  do not need a PayPal account, but you have the option to use it if you do have one.

Is my transaction secure?

 YES !  For your benefit you should obtain any latest upgrade for your browser. This site does not collect your payment and personal information. All transactions are securely handled exclusively with the merchant company PayPal.  I am not, nor is this website involved in your transaction of credit card information you provide.  Thus your transaction will be even more secure.

I lost my download file

It is highly recommended that you backup your downloaded file (ie CD). Save your email which contains your download  link. There is a limit of 3 times you will be allowed to download, after which it expires; so it is strongly suggested you save your email containing the link and back it up.

What if I have a problem with my


Please note that if there is a problem with transaction approval of your payment, there's not much I can do about that.  If you have any problems with your something other than transaction approval, please e-mail me at However, if your order was accepted and for absolutely any reason you have any problem downloading or accessing your document, simply e-mail me (including a copy of your receipt will facilitate a faster response) and describe the trouble you encountered so that I can rectify it. If you pay for it, you will receive it, guaranteed.

Are there guarantees?

 No. There is no way anyone can guarantee results.  It would be impossible to guarantee success in winning your custody case. There is no guarantee of success or outcome.. There are too many variables & circumstances that greatly affect and determine everyone's outcome.   Although this knowledge should help better your chances, there is no implied warranty or guarantee regarding this.  Success is solely up to you and your circumstances and factors of the opposing parent.

Can I print a copy?

 YES !  You can simply print out a copy from your downloaded PDF file to a printer. There are no restrictions to prevent printing.

No email confirmation?

There are basically two likely possibilities. Either the email you provided was incorrect (or misspelled), or check your spam folder to see if it was diverted there.

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